The UNC College of Law envisions itself to be the premier cradle of legal minds in Bicolandia, nurturing its students to be transformative leaders who will bring about the change that we want to see in the world, bringing forth a community of learners who will be responsive to the global challenges.  We hope to mold future lawyers who manifest a deep sense of purpose beyond themselves.


To be able to achieve this dream, the department undertakes to make a shift from teacher-oriented to learning-centered strategies.  Focus will be on the production of a more profound enhancement in the students’ lives by encouraging them to be more critical, creative, and proactive learners.  Towards this end, full support will be given to faculty development and opportunities for the exposure of students to practical legal situations will be provided.


The UNC College of Law aims to produce graduates imbued with profound commitment to uphold the Rule of Law and abiding devotion to the administration of justice for all comformably with changing social and economic norms.


The UNC College of Law shall pursue time-honored methodologies in shaping legal minds of the students such as, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Immersion of students in the mechanics and pursuit of legal aid program in cooperation with the local chapter of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines;
  2. Integration of the case-digest system of instruction; and
  3. Exposure to law office management, lawyer – client relationship, as well as actual court and administrative proceedings.