Medical and Dental Department

Medical and Dental Clinic
Clinic Hours:    8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.


Dr. LESLIE B. VILLAMORA, M.D.   -    Afternoon Duty
Dr. THOMAS S. GONZALES, M.D.  -    Night Duty
Dr. PILAR P. CADORES, D.M.D.      -    Morning and Afternoon


First Shift        :    8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Second Shift    :    12:00 noon – 8:00 p.m.

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    For Annual Medical- Dental Physical Examination of Students/Employees

    1.    Once a year, university physicians will evaluate students starting from the pre-school, grade school up to high school according to schedule for the Annual Physical Exam, however, it is optional for the employees and college students.

    2.    The university dentist will provide cleaning, fillings and consultation of the teeth of the students and employees but on a first come first serve basis.

    3.    Tooth extraction will not be accommodated in the university dental clinic.

    4.    The university physicians according to schedule will evaluate varsitarians, intramurals/inter-organization players, students for OJT (on the job training), student assistants, boy scouts/girl scouts going to a jamboree and CAT trainees. 2-week notice should be submitted to the medical dental clinic prior to medical exams for students to avoid conflict with other schedules.

    5.    For students who cannot wait for their scheduled medical exam for annual or prior to sports activity, they have the option to get a medical certificate outside the university.

    6.    Laboratory work up such as chest x-ray, complete blood count, urinalysis, ECG, blood chemistry and other ancillary procedure can be requested by the university physician  in some cases where further evaluation is warranted.

    7.    Any infectious/communicable cases like Tuberculosis, Mumps, Chickenpox and Flu should be isolated, given prompt treatment and to be reported to the Department Head he/she belongs for appropriate action.

    For Medical and Dental Mission

    1.    A ratio of 25 patients per physician and 20 patients per dentist will be allowed on each medical-dental mission.

    2.    A letter of request for the medical and dental mission should be submitted to the clinic 2 weeks before the said activity and a personal communication with the physician and dentist should be done by the organizers.

    3.    Every medical-dental mission should be evaluated, discussed and approved in a formal meeting by the whole clinic staff (doctors, dentist, nurses) and therefore a detailed flow of the activity will be submitted by the organizers.
    4.    A disorganized and ill-prepared medical-dental mission is discouraged for it will reflect a bad image on the University.

    5.    Only a university activity and its accredited organization can be provided by the university clinic with physicians, dentist and nurses for the medical-dental mission.

    6.    The clinic staff should be informed of name of the physicians and dentists coming from other agencies who are included in the medical-dental mission

    7.    In case of an out of campus medical-dental mission is granted the sponsoring organization should provide transportation, snacks and meal for the whole staff of medical team.

    8.    The organizers of the medical-dental mission will provide the medicines, instruments, equipments and other additional manpower needed for the activity.

    9.    In case a government or a private organization from outside the university will sponsor a medical-dental mission, laboratory work up promotions, blood donation activity, immunization campaign and endorsement of drugs, health equipment and supplements within the university, approval of the university physicians/dentist  is necessary.

    For Issuance of Medical-Dental Certificate

    1.    The patient should be seen personally by the university physician/dentist before issuance of medical certificate (No show, No certificate policy) especially for those with SSS claims or equivalent health claims with monetary benefit.

    2.    Laboratory tests like x-ray, ECG, complete blood count, urinalysis, blood chemistry and other ancillary procedure maybe requested by the university physician  before issuance of a medical certificate.

    3.    A medical certificate for a hospitalization should be provided by the attending physician at the private hospital and not by the university physician/dentist.

    4.    Medical certificate issued by the university physician and dentist CANNOT BE USED in the court of law as evidences hence all possible medico-legal cases should be referred to government hospital (Bicol Medical Center/Naga City Hospital) where physicians are trained to stand in court trial.

    5.    Phone call to the clinic or a letter for a sick leave will not be honored for the issuance of medical certificate.

    6.    In case of severe signs and symptoms were experienced by the patient and they cannot wait for the university physician/dentist and opted to seek consult to a private physician/dentist, the medical certificate given by the private doctor/hospital will be honored by the university. There is no need to for the university physician/dentist to make another medical certificate.